New Products

Specialist Wood Coatings Ltd is proud to announce that Cutek Wood Preserver is now manufactured in the UK under license to The Chemisys Group Australia/New Zealand. This also coincides with the introduction of the new 'greener' generation Cutek CD50 Wood Preserver and has made it possible to offer other options for different applictions in the Cutek CD50 Wood Preserver range.

New Generation Product.

Aromatic Solvents are no longer a component of CutekCD50 and replaced with greener oil products. This has resulted in a preserver with little smell and quicker dry off, these two factors having been considered the downside of using oil based products. The unique massive penetration (diffussion) of the preserver through the wood of the previous generation has been increased!


The switch to local manufacture has made it possible to offer Cutek CD50 in different formulations to suite varying applications. These are as follows:

  • Cutek CD50 Wood Preserver. The new generation quickest drying formulation, suitable for most applications.
  • Cutek CD50 Green.