Prices and Delivery

The prices as displayed in the shopping basket represent 'all up' figures without the annoying add on vat and sundries. The only extra is a fixed delivery charge irrespective of volume, the extra cost on larger volumes being borne by ourselves.

Prices at a glance (inclusive of VAT)

2.5lt Cutek CD50  Penetrating Wood Oil 'Clear' £44.88
2.5lt Cutek CD50 Penetrating Wood Oil with a Colour Toner £47.58
5lt Cutek CD50 Penetrating Wood Oil 'Clear' £89.70
5lt Cutek CD50 Penetrating Wood Oil with a Colour Toner    £95.10
Colour Test Pots (standard freight costs also apply) £5.00
Freight (Standard) £12.72


Due to the fact that this is not 'off the shelf' and is prepared for the individual clients order, deliveries can take up to 5 working days to despatch. However, we strive to get orders out as quickly as possible and we hope to delivery quicker. .

Important: Please note that Courier services require a signature on delivery and should there be no-one at at the given address to sign for it, a second delivery will be required which incurs additional fees. If you are doubtful that you will be home to sign for the parcel please supply an alternative address for delivery on purchase, such as a business or relative etc. In the event you though you would be at home and have to leave, please arrange with a neighbour to receive the goods and leave a note on the door for the courier indicating which house to leave it at. Your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated.

For our  EU clients: Please e-mail or phone for a delivery quote for your specific country. These prices are based on the volume to be ordered.