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Oil based wood preservative and stain

As you surf through this site you will note that Cutek CD50 Penetrating Wood Oil is different in principle to other wood finishes on the market. Indeed, it has several unique features that produce tangible benefits for the user.


This product is specified by many leading architects in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific areas and has achieved rapid growth in sales over the last decade. This is driven by customers pleased with the safe and simplistic application methods, permanent low maintenance, environmentally friendly with a low VOC rating and above all, it makes timber look great!

 Oil based wood preservative and stain

Outside of it's home regions Cutek CD50 Wood Penetrating Oil & Finish has a faithful following of discerning professional users globally to which it has been exported. Now for the first time over the last couple of years it is available on the UK market to professionals and the public alike.


I appreciate that when you make an investment in a quality exterior wooden structure you want it to last and continue to look great for many years with minimum maintenance. With Cutek CD50 Penetrating Oil & Finish you can be confident that this will be the case, and that you are using the best product available with proven innovative technology.

 Oil based wood preservative and stain

For people who enjoy the false plastic, shiny look of some wood finishes with their inherent high and labour intensive maintenance schedules then this oil based wood finish is not for you.  If on the other hand you enjoy the natural aesthetics and beauty of timber and wish to maintain this over many years with a minimum of fuss this is indeed the wood finisher for you. Whats more, when used on decking you no longer have to endure the slippery, slimy feeling underfoot during winter, the result of mildew growth.


Please feel free to phone Woodstocks International, our appointed UK Distributor based in Gomshall, Surrey on +44 (0) 1483 209330 if you have any questions regarding this wood penetrating oil and finish or even if you are looking for some good old fashioned advice on wood protection and restoration techniques. 


Happy coating!