Unique Features and Benefits of Cutek Penetrating Oil Finish

Cutting edge technology has produced a penetrating oil finish and staining system with several unique features and benefits:-

Oil based wood preservative and stain

  1. The phenomena of 'mill glaze' or resistance to the performance of so called penetrating wood oils to work effectively on unseasoned wood before a seasoning period (normally one year) has been overcome. In some cases manufacturers offer an additional 'seasoning' product to use in this period. Cutek Penetrating Wood Oil is not affected by 'mill glaze' and will penetrate the timber. Cutek Penetrating Oil actually aids the seasoning process as when applied to wood of 17% moisture content and below, it will displace moisture. See point 2 below. The timber is therefore 'preserved' from new. Besides obvious benefits, this reduces coating complexity, labour and cost as less coats are required.

Top picture. Penetration through Hardwood Decking. One coat!

Lower Picture. Penetration through a Pine log.

 Oil based wood preservative and stain

  1. Unprecedented Penetration. As Cutek diffuses through the wood cells it actively displaces excessive moisture, reducing and equalizing the moisture content, coating the cell walls and rendering the wood moisture repellent. Resistance to warping, cupping and splitting is achieved.

Excellent protection in wet climates.

  1. Safe for use in both exterior and interior applications and on surfaces that may have incidental contact with food such as garden furniture table tops.
  2. A choice of whether to let timber naturally silver or to retain the original colour. When used as a clear the wood will naturally silver over time but have the benefit of water repellency, timber stability and resistance to mildew. If used with a colour toner, the original colour can be maintained far longer, indefinitely if given minimal maintenance. Your choice!