Colour Selection.

Cutek Wood Preservative is a wood oil and stain system that offers a wide choice of eighteen colour tones to choose from. These have been specially formulated not to hide the grain and beauty of the wood.

For the natural presentation of the species of timber you wish to coat select a colourtone similar to the natural timber colour. Click here for 'Chemisys Colour Recommendations'  table of common species with similar recommended toners. 

Click here to view a colour chart of all the colours when used on Western Red Cedar.

Oil based wood preservative and stain


  • As colourtones are transparent so as not to obscure the grain and character of the wood, the ultimate result is effected by the underlying colour of the timber species. In simple terms, if the same toner is coated on both pine and western red cedar, there will be a marked difference in the end result.
  • Full colour definition is only achieved after two coats.


Should you have any queries on the correct toner to use, please do not hesitate to contact Rupert Bottomley for further information.